Anshan Wanxin Machinery Co., Ltd. located in Dahongqi Country, Shahe Town, Anshan, Liaoning, China, with an area of 20,000 square meters, including four plants: molding, cleaning, machining and shaping plant. The enterprise is a high technology and talented staff private business with engineers, technical workers and clerks more than 200 people.

The enterprise was established in 1964, integrated machining, smelting and steel casting as a whole incorporation, can process all kinds of carbon steel and alloy steel casting not more than 26 tons, with the ability of casting and processing various industrial and mining spare parts.
We have a 30 ton’s electric are, a 3 ton’s intermediate frequency furnace, laboratory equipment Shimadzu optical spectrometer, 5.5*6.5*3m gas leer, technical process product lion of completely test instrument, middle and large processing equipment such as vertical lathe DVT630, boring-milling machine TK6920, gear hobbing machineY31800, lathe, shaping machine, milling machine, slotting machine, drilling machine etc. can produce steel casting spare parts more than 10,000 tons every month.

Since the reform and opening up to the world, the enterprise continued develops, working efficiency continued raised, scientific and technological content enhanced, hence improved product quality. These years we processed spare parts such as large gear, half gear, wheel, ball mill, input-output end cap, cone crusher, jaw crusher, medical equipment magnetic resonance body frame, foundation, flat form, etc. for China 1st Heavy Machinery, Dalian Shangao, Anshan Iron and Steel Group, Northern Heave Machinery, Shenyang Mining, Shenyang Eastsoft Pop Magnetic Resonance, Shunda etc. enterprise, have received highly praise from them.

We take “smelt excellent steel, create enterprise brilliant” as develop theory, “quality is life, safe is guarantee” as credit standard, “raise technical content, select excellent talent” as production powder,“Produce high quality product, establish good enterprise image” as our object, take “service for the society, and promote harmonious development” as chance, won customers’ trust. We in line with “mutually beneficial win-win”, build a harmonious society, create a bright future together with the customers!